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My Trip to Corfu, Greece: Staying Fit on a 7-Day Holiday

Corfu , Greece, is a beautiful island known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture. I recently spent seven days on this amazing island, taking a much-needed break for mental clarity and health. Enjoyed the relaxation and exploration, I made it a priority to maintain my fitness routine. Here’s how I managed to keep up with my fitness while enjoying everything Corfu has to offer, along with two essential tips for staying active on holiday.

A Break for Mental Clarity and Health

Vacations are a perfect time to reset and recharge. This trip to Corfu was all about refreshing my mind and body. Knowing the importance of maintaining my fitness routine, I packed my workout clothes and set a plan in motion to stay active throughout my stay.

Tip 1: Morning Routine: Key to Staying Fit

To ensure I didn’t get lazy, I set my alarm for 8 AM every day. This early start allowed me to head to the gym for my morning workout. I made it a point to train before breakfast, as past experiences taught me that eating first would often lead to relaxation and falling back asleep due to increased insulin levels.

I split my workouts into lower body and upper body HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions to keep things balanced and interesting. 

Lower Body HIIT
• 5 minutes warm-up on the treadmill

• 5 minutes stretching

• Dumbbell Squats: 4 sets of 12 reps
• Dumbbell Walking Lunges: 4 sets of 20 reps
• Bodyweight Jump Squats: 4 sets of 20 reps
• Dumbbell RDL (Romanian Deadlift): 4 sets of 12 reps
• 5 minutes cool down on the treadmill

Upper Body HIIT

• Press-Ups: 4 sets of 15 reps
• Pull-Ups: 4 sets of 8 reps
• Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 4 sets of 12 reps
• Dumbbell Single Arm Row: 4 sets of 10 reps
• Dumbbell Snatches: 4 sets of 10 reps per arm
• Dumbbell Chest Press: 4 sets of 10 reps
These workouts helped me stay active and energised throughout the day.

Tip 2:  Alcohol Intake and Enjoying Local Cuisine

Greece is famous for its delicious food, and Corfu is no exception. I indulged in various local dishes, savoring the unique flavors of Greek cuisine. However, I made sure to keep an eye on my alcohol intake. Enjoying the food without overindulging in alcohol helped me maintain my energy levels and stick to my fitness goals.
My Trip to Corfu, Greece: Staying Fit on a 7-Day Holiday


My trip to Corfu, Greece, was a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and fitness. By starting my day with a workout and monitoring my alcohol intake, I was able to enjoy all that the island had to offer while staying on track with my fitness goals. Whether you’re planning a short getaway or an extended holiday, these tips can help you maintain a balanced and enjoyable experience.

Will Duru

Level 4 Qualified Personal Training Coach Sports & Exercise Science BSc (Hons)

Disclaimer: The ideas in this blog post are not medical advice. They shouldn’t be used for diagnosing, treating, or preventing any health problems. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, daily activities, or exercise. WILL POWER FITNESS isn’t responsible for any injuries or harm from the suggestions, opinions, or tips in this article.

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